Got an email yesterday from my friend Jeff who lives within earshot of the Cape. He got some pretty cool shots of the launch from his front yard. I asked him, and he said it was okay to share it with you, so here we go:

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Subject: Shuttle launch from the Dorber’s front yard..Wish you were here!

This is the Friday launch from my driveway…we are about 20 or so miles from the pad. You can actually see the solid rocket separation without binoculars.If you listen long enough, you can hear the exploding bolts as the solid boosters separate. We have another spot that we go to watch that is on the lagoon and it is about 9 miles away. The sound is much more intense at the lagoon spot but because of the track, you can see it much longer from the house. The night launch was unbelievable!!!





Hope you enjoyed it – Thanks, Jeff!


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