Monday at area 51! The weather was perfect, the transparency and the clouds cooperated this time. Fred, Brain, Don and I were there from 8:00AM to 2:00AM. It was one of the best nights.

After I trained my telescope, set the equatorial position and check collimation, I was ready.

I started with M51 with my new color camera ATIK 2C .Don, thank you for helping me with the camera, I found the problem, in the Bios of my laptop I have to chance the setting from bidirectional to EPP, also I installed the latest bios version. Now I can see a change in the screen for long exp.I will try to do the test.

These were my objects: NGC 3521, M3, NGC4565 (color and Mono)

I haven’t finished processing all the images, but this is one so far.

Tips learned this time.

– Focusing on a single start before taking pictures, using the Meade software the bright and contrast in 1

– Put the camera directly to the telescope not diagonal need it. (Thanks Fred)

– Synchronization option for Meade. Press enter for 3 segs


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