You’ve seen it reported on televison.  You’ve heard about it on the radio.  We’ve received numerous requests for information via email on it.  We wanted to make it easier for you to get to the information you need, so we scoured the web for you to find some really good info on the Perseid meteor shower, including info about the peak on the night of August 11-12:

We hope that it’s an enjoyable read and helpful to you.  Also, be sure to check out our article below on observing meteor showers locally to discover when, where and how to catch these events from our local skies!  

Lastly, it seems like it’s been on every news cast every day for a while now, but it especially bears mentioning here as well: there are now confirmed “home-grown” cases of the Zika virus showing up here in South Florida.  While we feel that there’s no need for panic, it is only sensible to be fully aware of the risks and to take the utmost care to protect yourself against mosquito bites whenever you are outdoors taking in these celestial events.  For information on how to help protect yourself against mosquito bites here in South Florida, check out this flyer from the Florida Department of Health:   

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