Giri Murthy Asks:Is there any star parties near the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area? Which is the good site to find out about the same.

Thank you Giri for contacting us. Official Formal Star Parties in the South Florida Metro area there are none. We do have several activities during the year in our club that you can check out on our website or if you happen to come to the observatory on Saturday nights (free access and viewing) located in Markham Park in Sunrise.
There are a couple of “nearby” formal star parties. The most important ones are the 31st Annual Winter Star Party in the Florida Keys will take place from February 16 to February 22, 2015. There is also another one in Chiefland, FL. The Fall Star Party will take place Nov 17 to 23 2014. Check out on the web you can get information on directions, registration etc.
Thanks for contacting us and keep looking up!!

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