If you asked us why the Big Bang happened, we might have an easier answer. What telescope to buy is really difficult because it involves many variables and also depends on who you ask!!. Budget, ease of use, actual use (we say the best telescope is the telescope you use!!) weight, size, interest, where you live (apartment with no elevator, lots of trees, need to take it to another place and drive etc). Also what do you see doing with the telescope in the future (just observing? Taking photos?), how long do you imagine you will keep it and think if you will want to upgrade, is your interest really strong or will it die after a few 45 minute drives to a cloudy place?. Will you get frustrated with months under rain and cloudy skies? Frustrated because you were not able to align the telescope or you cant find a planet or a bright star? We have all been through that!!!

Our advice is come over on a Saturday night or call us to find out when our next monthly meeting is and you can meet someone in our club. We have a couple of real life telescope examples to show and guide you in this decision.

All we can say here is dont buy a Retail store 400X magnification scope and come here. Maybe the best alternative is a good pair of binoculars to learn your way around and get to know the stars and see if your passion is there.  Only until you go over some of these questions, see what we have at our observatory and have a little conversation you can make an educated decision on what you should buy.

Thanks for contacting us and keep looking up!!

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