Thank you for contacting SFAAA. The general answer is yes it is a good entry level telescope. I would say more than entry level since it is not the lowest price you can get out there but it is a serious well built device not a retail store XXXX Magnification product that will end in the garage gathering dust. BUT!!!

When you enter this hobby there are many things you need to consider. The best telescope is the one you use. This is a light weight scope easy to carry around. You will certainly get interested in many other aspects of Astronomy as you get more into it. You will likely like in the future to have a larger aperture scope, you might get inerested in astrophotography or maybe other activities using a camera or you might just be a very dedicated observational astronomer. Think anout that. Also keep in mind your expectations when using a telescope. Most of the images you see on magazines books and the internet are professioinal level (even when made by so called amateurs) images so dont expect to see through a telescope what you see in those pictures. Also keep in mind this is a “small” scope so objects will not be seen as large as when you use other much bigger scopes. Scopes are all about gathering light th more you gather the more you see. If you are located near our club, please visit us before you buy and talk to any of our memebers. We are open free to the public every saturday night. We have a few sample scopes in the building for entry level enthusiasts that you might use and see what is visible through that size of scope. We open from late afternoon (if there is any solar observation) to midnight so feel free to come by, We are located inside Markham Park in Sunrise,FL. If you are not in this area look up your nearest Astronomy club I am sure they will be glad to help you out select the best alternativefor you!! Again thanks for contacting us and keep looking up!!

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