E.G. Asks: I live in Miami and curious to catch the Perseids. When is the best time (approximate time at night) to watch them? Suggestions of safe places with less light pollution?

Hello, The Perseids Meteor Shower peaks between Aug 11 and 13th. Tonight and tomorrow should be good evenings to go out weather permitting. Look to the NorthEast around midnight. with the help of a Star Map or a mobile phone astronomy application you should be able to find the constellation Perseus. There is where the radiant for the meteor shower is located. The radiant is the spot in the sky where all the meteors seem to come from.Therefore the name Perseids. The best times to watch is in the hours between Midnight and Dawn. Try to move away from the light pollution of Miami and Fort Lauderdale, in your case head West. In Miami, Tamiami Trail (SR41) is your best bet. In Broward Head West on I75 towards Naples or North on SR27 to Belle Glade. You should be able to find rest areas with no lights. Please keep in mind some common sense safety tips. Stay Close to your vehicle, keep in mind any sings of private property or No Public Access. Do not wander into the water at night or into areas where you may find wild life. If you own a laser device, DO NOT point it at any aircraft or in the flight path of any aircraft no matter how high they are. It is against the LAW!!. For Meteor showers your eyes are your best tools, get a chair and enjoy the show. As an organization SFAAA does not organize or manage any outings to these events (at least not this one in particular) so keep in mind you are going to any of these locations at your own risk.

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