Hello John and Thanks for contacting us. This is not at all an easy question to answer in a few lines. Our advice is to visit us so we can have a long discussion on what are your interests, and what gear you have or intend to have in the near future. Our club is known to have a very large number of astro imagers. In summary there are three kinds of astro photography:

Planetary Imaging, Deep Sky Imaging and Wide Field Imaging. Many can argue that there are more but lets keep it simple. All of these can be done in the South Florida area. Some may be done from home some require more darker skies. Each requires a specific set of skills, software and hardware. It is hard to say that there is an “all terrain” scope or camera but again this is something better discussed in person. We usually have an official trek to a dark site once a month so alarge group goes to a pre specified location west of the urban area. Sometimes spontaneous groups form when weather seems right as well. We encourage you to visit us. Saturday nights is public night at our observatory inside Markham Park. We close at midnight and it is usually open from sunset and sometimes before if solar observation is possible. We also have our monthly meeting that is public too and there is a specific monthly Members Only night where members meet to dicuss topics, make presentations or help each other with all sorts of things. Please don’t forget to pay us a visit and talk to us about your astro imaging interests so we can help you.

Best regards and Keep Looking Up 


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