Michael Navarrete asks:

hello. me and some friends have recently been obsessed with space and carl sagan and just life and stuff. and really wanted to go somewhere that has the best look up at night. so far ive only looked up big pine key..if you knew one thatd be great. THANK YOU





For Broward County residents

“Area 27 North” (3rd boat ramp on W side of US 27 N of I-75 N intersection S of Palm Beach Cty line).

The site has thatched huts to get in out of rain.


  For Miami-Dade or Naples area residents, or those in Broward not minding a two hour drive

  “Sea Grape” (Sea Grape Drive S of Big Cypress Swamp Welcome Center, US 41 3 miles E of FL 29)

 The site has nearby real bathrooms.


At these sites on a clear dark night you can see the Milky Way naked eye and they are not so far away that a mobile phone might still work if there is an issue.


On the other hand there are some other sites that are even darker for sky gazing, unfortunately those places belong to the SFWMD and have restricted access during night hours. We certainly encourage you to come to our Observatory inside Markham Park right next to the dog park (Barkham at Markham). Enter the park and make a left turn. Immediately on the next building make a right you will see our building on the far end of the roundabout.


Our last recommendation. Never go alone anywhere at night try always to have a group of three or four. Follow all the common sense safety measures when going to any dark site.

Clear Skies!!

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