Karen Brown Asks: My boyfriend and I recently moved to Miami Beach and were wondering if there is a good, affordable (not more than $200) telescope you recommend? He’s always wanted to stargaze from our balcony but the city lights make it a bit difficult. Appreciate the help! 

Thank you for contacting us. This is not an easy question and something we get asked a lot. The answer is depends on what your expectations are.  Our advice is come to our Observatory on any Saturday evening we are open to the Public its free!! Talk to us and see what we have here to show. Under $200 it is hard to get something that will not disappoint you or create frustration in your experience. Most low cost retail store telescopes (even the ones with good astronomy names like Celestron, Orion and Meade) are not the best alternative if you want to enjoy this hobby. You wil likely have to leave your apartment and go somewhere else to observe. Maybe a nice binocular to get started might be an alternative that is portable not that expensive and can actually increase your interest in knowing the night sky and can also be used in other activities. Most people get started with binoculars. Now if it is a telescope we strongly recomend come over to Markham Park in Sunrise and talk to us.
Thanks again for contacting us and keep looking up!!

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