Pamela McKeown asks:Pamela McKeown asks: What telescope should I purchase for my eight year old son and my husband?  I’m looking for something that’s not too complicated but something they can grow into as well so I’m not having to run out and get a better one too soon. 
Price range maybe 100-200 dollars

Pamela thank you for contactong us. The What Telescope Should I buy is the most complex question you can ask us. It depends on what your intentions are. would you only want to observe? Observe Moon and Planets or nebulae and galaxies? Interested in Astrophotography? There are many questions that need to be asked before you choose. The best idea is to come to our observatory on Saturday nights from Sundown until midnight and one of our members can show you the scopes you should and shouldn’t buy. We have a few examples and you can see other people using their scopes. We also have the “budget” scope inside so that you can see it in real life and even take a look through it. Hope you join us and we can help you choose.

Again thanks for asking and Keep looking up!!! 

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