If you had $450 bucks, which telescope would you buy? equatorial mount or electronic ? Also, would you adapt it to your professional photographic camera or a CCD imaging for taking astrophotography?

Dear Rafael thanks for contacting us. This is ones of the most difficult questions to respond in Amateur Astronomy. It all depends on what kind of Astrophotography you want to do. If it is mostly planets and Sun/Moon you need certain cameras and techniques. If it is for Deep Sky Objects or DSOs it is another kind of camera and a different technique. Our suggestion as you have a very specific budget is to visit us on Saturday Nights and ask one of our members. We are located inside Markham Park in Sunrise. We are open on Saturday nights and entrance is free. We open frma Sunset to around midnight. We do have a couple of samples of telescopes that can be bought around the budget you have. Just in case whatever you do DO NOT spend your money in one of those retail store telescopes. Come ask us all your questions and we will certainly help you make the best decision. It is a long conversation with many alternatives. Not that we dont want to answer in writing but the topic is really not as easy as A, B or C. there are several factors to consider such as the type of images you want as well as your future expectations etc. Thank you for contacting us hope to see you at the observatory and keep looking up.

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