As I planned I arrived around 6:45PM to start setting up and to take some pictures of the sunset, (see picture ) . After I took a “shower” with mosquito repellent and put all the equipment in polar alignment, I was ready to point to my first object of the night.
(Notes about setup: If someone is planning to use the wedge for the LX90, some tips :
1. – This is from Don. Put a cd between the tripod and the wedge, this helps to move easy the telescope. 2. – Use a bubble level also after to point to Polaris) I installed also a laser beam, this really do the things easy, instead of trying to find things in the finderscope in “unnatural” positions during the alignment.

So, I started with M81. I spent more than 45 minutes with this object testing with different settings like: color, mono, aperture, histogram, etc. The key thing was to use the SAC focal reducer, this really help me to focus the object. I haven’t finished processing all the pictures, but this is one that so far is almost there. ( )

9:45PM: Snack time and put on me more mosquito repellent, and burn another mosquito coil. Jezz!

Next object NGC2403 this is a fine galaxy easily visible in binoculars. Apparent magnitude: 8.90. For this object took me a lot of time to focus and center it. This is one of the pictures that I took last night. I need to process al the other ones. ( )

Due problems with the inverter, I had to shutdown my computer and change the battery, this issue avoid me to take M51 (maybe next time) finally did some observations to: M48, M47, M101 and for dessert Jupiter.

11:14PM Ready to go, the moon was there. Don called me, I was planning to go to Fox
-Solo es necesario asombrarse-

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