Sean Bartholomew Asks: I need to interview an astronomer for a school project is there some one there that I can speak to? Thank you

Hello Sean and thank you for contacting us. Usually we do not have direct contact with our visitors via the internet. Especially since you are in Middle School. But since you have a school project,  please ask your Mom, Dad or legal Guardian to send us an email to Ask An Amateur Astronomer with an email where he or she can be contacted so that we can speak to them. We are here to help. We have received several of these requests this week. We dont know when your project is due but if you can come to Fox Observatory in Markham Park on Saturday nights, we can have any of the staff there take care of your interview. They are all carrying badges with identification that they belong to our association and can interact with our visitors. Thanks again for contacting us and once again Keep Looking Up!

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