Stephanie Strand asks:Hello! I was wondering where is a good place to view the upcoming Aquarids meteor shower? I’d like to watch at their peak, but I don’t know of any park that is open at that point in ths night to allow for stargazing. Thanks so much for your help!

Thank you for contacting us. You need a dark site in order to enjoy better the less bright meteors. Maximum peak of the Aquarids will occur between May 6 and 7. Eve parks inside the Metro area in South Florida are too light polluted. Markham Park might be accessible late at night. Try going to a darker area along I75 North or SR27 North of I75. Chek periodically with us at our office in Markham park on Saturday nights we are there and it is open to the public. One recomendation is that when going to any of these places use some common sense security/safety measures. Dont go alone have a group of several people together and do not park along roads. Safety is always the key element here. Keep looking up.

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