Sudip Ringwala asks: I am interested in viewing the meteor shower taking place tomorrow. Is there a place I could meet some amateur astronomers to get a better view than just with my naked eye? Thanks. I tried calling the observatory but couldn’t talk to anyone.

Sudip thanks for contacting us. We have not made any organized plans to gather as a group to see the Meteor Shower. Unfortunately weather this week will not be the best especially when there is no Moon. Having said that, your best chances are to drive west on I75 and llook for a dark rest area. We only suggest that you dont go there alone and make sure you take all the necesary safety measures. Also the best way to see a Meteor Shower is with your own eyes. Telescopes or binoculars are not really suited for this task since they limit your Field Of View and you want to see as muc of the sky as you can so as not to miss any meteors. Good hunting!! and Keep Looking Up!

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